Free Webinar: Getting Started with Qualitative-focused Mixed Methods Research: 4 Essential Things to Know & Do

This webinar is part of the Fall Qualitative Research & Innovation Webinar Series presented by NVivo and SAGE Publications.

Are you interested in mixed methods research but unsure of whether it is a good fit for your more qualitative-focused study ideas? Mixed methods research requires specific knowledge and skills within the rapidly evolving field.

This webinar introduces four essential things to know and do as you embark on a mixed methods research study and is organized around four key questions:

(1) Why is integration of qualitative with quantitative research needed for your study?
(2) What will your qualitative-focused mixed methods research design look like?
(3) Who will your qualitative-focused mixed methods research study involve?
(4) How will you represent the required evidence of integration?

Presenter: Cheryl Poth University of Alberta

Dr. Cheryl Poth is a Professor and award-winning instructor and author at the University of Alberta. She is a past-president of the Mixed Methods International Research Association and author of Innovation in Mixed Methods Research (2018; Sage) and co-author with John Creswell of Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design (4th ed.) (2018; Sage)


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