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Interpris is here to make your customer data analysis a breeze, and the insights you present a cut above the rest.

 For example, you might want to understand:

  • The gripes of detractors and why they gave that unfavorable NPS score – or even what promoters like and therefore what you need to amplify.
  • What your social community is saying about you online, and the sentiment that underpins it.
  • Re-occurring themes in product reviews which give insight into what you’re doing well and what might need a little love.
  • Common themes within customer feedback in your support teams, to dig deeper into what they want, what they don't want, and what you need to do to fill the gap.


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How Interpris works

Create an online account and feed your data straight into Interpris, then let powerful algorithms take care of the analysis for you. The result - you have answers in a snap and can focus on taking intelligent action.

Interpris analyzes all kinds of data (qualitative and quantitative) together. So you can upload information like online product reviews, survey responses and general verbatim customer feedback, then let the magic takeover to discover sentiment, themes and patterns. Interpris will also help you to create beautiful dashboards you can use to share and track findings.

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Use Interpris to discover and develop vital competitive advantages. Leverage actionable insights to create outstanding customer experiences that will snatch that additional market share, increase customer retention, and your marketing ROI. 

Interpris is the superfuel of your marketing growth engine.

Please note: your data is stored by Interpris on a server in the USA, please ensure this is suitable for you/your organization before signing up as a beta user. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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We’re looking for innovative and tech savvy Marketing, Customer Success, Product and Customer Support Managers who want to use the full extent of their customer data to gain a competitive edge.

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What we’ll need from you: Use Interpris and provide us with honest feedback on your experience. 

This includes:

  • Providing feedback through polls while you’re using Interpris.
  • Completing the occasional survey that we’ll email you.
  • Let us know of any bugs you find.
  • Share your feedback and suggestions.